Friday, 14 February 2014

Hello Mr Fox!

Well, he's finally finished!
He is the largest fox I've stitched so far and he does seem to have a twinkle in his eye!
I think the thing I'm most pleased about is how the lovely soft bark cloth just seems to meld together when you machine scribble over it, and so the colours seem to merge together.
And I am rather partial to a bit of kantha stitch.
I love the way the floppy linen turns into ripples when you stitch over it.
And here's the back, it's like a fox ghost!
You can see the moon clearly on the back, it's much more subtle on the other side.
Well Mr Fox, it's been a pleasure, hope you like your anti- macassar home!


  1. He is just the loveliest foxy gentleman! Definitely got a twinkle in his eye. You are GOOD at this! xxxx

  2. In my mind "Hello Mr Fox" is being said by Leslie Phillips. There is not a single inch of this I don't love.

  3. Stay away from those there chickens Mr Fox! X

  4. I rather love mr foxy whispered gentlemen xx

    1. He is a bit of a cad, but then don't all the girls love a cad? X

  5. Another wonderful creation, you are talented Mrs B. x


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