Thursday 27 February 2014

Private View! Woo!

Last night was the private view for the Creator Club, and what a social event it was!
Here's the artists themselves.
(And here's what they're really like!)
Even the tutors got in on the act!
Look at the spread!

Everyone was amazed at how young the artists actually were!
Love the title of his book, so post modern don't you think!
I was so proud, the Principal really liked Lottie's print!
We had resident MC Sam in da house!
The stars of the show being interviewed for college radio!
Even the local press called in!
We were all filled with pride!
And the creme de la creme enjoyed a lovely soirée!


  1. totally wonderful! That art is FABULOUS! BRAVO TO EVERYONE X

  2. That is just so wonderful. It lightens the soul to see their proud little faces. Long may they continue. Wonderful work.

  3. Thankyou chucks.
    It's times like these that make me feel proud to be a teacher and to work with such amazing young people.
    Will have to stop now or I will start singing 'I believe the children are our future'! (And believe me, you don't want that!)

  4. Some wonderful work on display here, and very proud artists and tutors! Congratulations to you all. xxx

  5. Yes, my chest is still puffed up with pride! X


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