Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Queen Of Sheba Update!

Well, she's not quite finished yet but I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon adding more twiddly bits to my Queen of Sheba picture.
Queenie is now very happy to have her arms.
Her pet blackbird hasn't got legs yet, but that's soon to be rectified...
She's also been out shoe shopping and her garden is growing nicely...
I'm a bit worried that my 'disappearing' pen hasn't properly disappeared yet, hope it does!
Off to crank up me sewing machine now, have a lovely morning everyone!


  1. oh i love it! one day i want one of your pieces on my wall here! ooo and i have a new linky over at mine. A YEAR OF GRATITUDE.....one post a month each month for a year...come check it out. keep creating my lovely blog world friend! x

  2. She's a real beauty, your Queen of Sheba. Loving her slightly sad face, the lace, and those dainty tulips in her garden. just gorgeous! xxx

    1. Many thanks for the lovely comment. It's so good to share work in progress.

  3. Hi ! Found your blog via Pinterest and love this piece of work! Very much the kind of stitching I enjoy - amongst other kinds! Interesting that you are machine stitching yours whereas mine would be (these days) hand stitched - I just love the slow-cloth thing and find my days of whizzing away on my trusty Bernina are a thing of the past.I shall be back to check out the rest of your posts - off to do my mum's sunday lunch! Byee.

  4. So lovely that you popped by Lynne!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog too, you are one busy lady!
    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday dinner!


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