Sunday, 6 July 2014

Alice Fox Workshop At Hope And Elvis!

I will apologise in advance for the copious amounts of photographs in this post.
We had such a fabulous time and there was so much to see, so I hope you understand.
Alice Fox is an amazing textile artist who responds to her environment by allowing nature to 'dye' and mark the fabric and paper that she works on.
Sam, Debs and myself have loved her work for quite a while now and so jumped at the chance to attend her workshop at Hope and Elvis.
As we were so giddy, we arrived a bit too early and had an explore around The Harley Gallery and Estate.
Sam, Instagramming in the rain!
Debs, primed and ready for action!
Sam and Jenny raiding the shop!
Alice, sharing techniques and rusting recipes.
Look at those beautiful samples!

Alice's recipes.

It was like alchemy!
Making our first samples...
Alice's collection of rusty treasures.
Unwrapping Alice's pre- prepared cloths.
It was like Christmas!
The air filled with 'ooos' and 'aaahs' as we unwrapped the beautiful parcels of rusted fabric.
We were so inspired nothing was safe!
Look, even the chair became wrapped!
Mr Gnome was very relieved that he wasn't made of metal!
After all that unwrapping and excitement it was time for dinner!
We enjoyed a very civilised tiffin, thank you Louise and Miss Debs.
This piece was made during Alice's residency at Spurn Point and was displayed in the light house.
Now this may seem strange, but I think the bathroom at Hope and Elvis is one of the most beautiful in all the land.
Louise laughs at me for always photographing it, but I can't resist!
After sharing out the unwrapped pieces we began stitching and composing our own little pieces.
Debs' delicate stitchings:
(T'other) Deb's lovely piece:
Jenny's beautiful stitchings.
Nothing was safe from Jenny now!
Sam's rust-tastic sampler.
(T'other) Sam's multi layered piece.
I hope you liked your little 'thank you' sweet peas (the only thing that seems to have flourished in my garden this year!)
And if you've made it to the end of this monster post then well done and brew your self a cup of tea.
You've earned it!


  1. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the rusty yo-yos! You look gorgeous as ever Mrs. B.! Looks like it was a beautiful day!

    1. Alice Fox's work was unbelievably beautiful.
      The whole day was a joy x

  2. Oh Hope & Elvis...wish you were coming on the 21st! X

    1. Me too! I really wanted to go but I can't do any before summer hols now. Please, please take lots of pics x

    2. I will chuck. Still need 2.5m of fabric or there'll be no dress to bring home!!! x

  3. What interesting techniques and materials, and such beautiful results from them. And look at you, so glamorous and gorgeous, Mrs B! Great photos, it looks like a really lovely day. xxx

  4. Oh how I wish I could have been there, but I wasn't quick enough on the draw to get a place. Very inspiring.

    1. Pleased you liked the photos, shame you missed it but hopefully Alive will return, if she does try to grab a place, it s worth it and would be great for your costume designs too I bet x

  5. What an inspiring day that must have been. Fabulous!

  6. You have captured the day and the work beautifully Mrs B. Was so good to see you again. X

  7. That's a beautiful picture of you! Xx

  8. Enjoyable to read over first cuppa of the day . Thank you X

  9. Ohhhh my goodness .... what an incredible day...I missed !!! You are an absolute sweetheart and I love you to bits. xxx

  10. wow!

    I am filled with wonder and inspiration - thank you for all the yummy pics. I hope our Aussie team picks her up and she comes down here.

  11. Thank you so much for taking so many photo's, each one is magic! So hope Alice does another workshop Vickie Xx

  12. Lovely ladies, thank you all so much for your comments. I was worried that I had posted something far too long but there was so much to show about Alice's wonderful work and the fabulous day at H & E.
    I really appreciate you all getting back to me.
    Take care chucks x

  13. Oh my goodness gracious a whole new world has opened up...I bet you were in fascinating and seeing all those gorgeous images brings back some lovely memories too....looking forward to your take on this rusty business chuck!
    fondest love...x
    Ps you look amazingly beautiful...just saying xxxxxxx

  14. I really appreciate all the comments I have received from this post.
    Thank you lovely Lazy Daisy very much indeed x

  15. Wonderful and inspiring ! Loved reading through.. .Goodness your are a beautiful gal.. Thank you for sharing all with us...I drank a full pot of tea, whilst I read.. hehe !.Maria (Rosey Tinted specs)


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