Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Party On! And Other Such Matters Of The Heart!

Today I made another 'Party Lurcher', it always amazes me that even if you use the same design for an embroidery it will always turn out differently.
This one seems to be a little bit pensive, whereas his big brother looks like he's partied a bit too hard!
And now for something completely different...
Last week I bought an iPhone, something I had been umm- ing and ahhhh-ing over for quite a while.
The nice man at the phone shop was very patient indeed and explained that I could swop my old phone number over to my new one.
I followed his instructions very carefully and had to answer some security questions.
When asked to which address my old phone was registered to, I was amazed to find out it was to my previous address, which meant that I had had my phone for over fourteen years!
I have now discovered that I have formed an emotional attachment to my old phone and it stares at me in an accusatory manner.
It is true, you have been dropped down the toilet on several occasions, you have been trampled on and generally ill treated and yet you never gave up on me or let me down.
And now I have a shiney new replacement, quite literally a younger model, a phone that I hardly dare hold or breathe upon in case her beautiful glossy screen cracks.
I am truly sorry and I promise never to throw you away.
Am I sad?
Can you become emotionally attached to a piece of technology, no matter how ugly?
I bet I'm not the only one (I'm the same with my old reading glasses too!)


  1. That's a v long time! Hubby buys me a new phone yearly for some reason though think this one is meant to last! Party dog needs a party to go to - shall we have one for him?! X

  2. I got a new phone (not a smart phone!) earlier this year after I had been using the same one for I estimated about 10 years, so I know how hard it is to change, although I can't imagine changing to a smart phone! Your old one will be fine, hide it in a drawer!!! xx

  3. I have a clock in the kitchen that hasn't worked for well over a year. But I would miss it too much if it went. And so it stays. It is forever 2.38 in our house!

    1. Love it! The house where time stood still x

  4. that's incredible! I think you should ring Guinness up and check if that is a world record for phone ownership. Oh and love the lurcher - party on.


  5. Thanks Aunt Lola! I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed at my tech resistance! X


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