Friday, 11 July 2014

Empty Chairs And Empty Tables...

Teaching is a funny old business.
You get a new influx of fresh faces.
And the fresh faces turn into characters.
You watch them grow, and sometimes struggle, and find their own way.
You have laughs, and temper tantrums, and triumphs and the odd tear.
( And that's just me!)
Teaching Fine Art is never dull.
And that's because of the students.
And then they fly the nest, and you wave your chickens goodbye, and you hope that the world will be kind.
And you have your heart broken yet again.
You can see just how upset we are!
( You know I'm only joking!)
Class of 2014 you shall be sorely missed.


  1. Amen to that, I have shed a fair few tears about some of my chickies flying the nest. Year after year it doesn't get any easier.

    1. I know Miss Nora, it's like torture every year! X

  2. What a nice chuckle this gave me! It seemed a bit sad, till I saw the victory dance, well done! (your students miss you too you know!)

  3. Haha......we all look a wee bit mental! It's been a tough year Letitia, but thanks to you it's been bearable! (just!!!) xx

    1. You have been an absolute star and I would not have been able to bet through the year, or any year, without you chuck x

  4. I think you've got the most fantastic job, you get to stay. A lot of us (me) would loved to have been an eternal student... x


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