Friday, 15 August 2014

How Do You Scoff Yours?

We've just returned from the most lovely holiday in Cornwall.
On the last day, as is family tradition, we had to check that all the essential tasks had been done.
Fish and chips?
Check. (On several occasions!)
Ice cream from Jelberts.
Cream tea.
Cream tea?
Cream tea!
So off we jaunted across the causeway to St Michael's Mount.
Now, my Mum ate hers like this:

But I ate mine like this:

And Middie ate hers like this!


  1. Came back from Cornwall a fortnight ago :-( I ate my cream tea in the same way as you and was congratulated by the proprietor for eating it in the Cornish manner - jam and then cream x

  2. Oooh, that looks fun. One's Devon and one's Cornish, isn't it, but I don't know which is which.

  3. Yes I thought it was the Cornish way!
    Me and me Mum were debating his whilst tucking in!
    Al in all though, I think it's Middie who has the right idea! X

  4. It all tastes the same once it's in your mouth - delicious!

  5. Jam, the cream - of course! Though sticking your snout in is just as good - delicious however you enjoy it! xxx

  6. I think you're right ladies, time is too short and there's too many cakes to be eaten! Ha! X

  7. It may not be the Cornish way but I'm with your mother, but only because I find it easier to spread the jam then drop the cream onto it. What's as interesting is the difference how people pronounce scones. Gosh I really fancy one now after thinking about it...

    1. Might have to ask me Mum to bake some now, she makes the best scones ever! Pop round and I'll save you one! X


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