Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sorry, This Is A Tad Obscure...

Now I am really hoping that you're with me on this one.
I wasn't going to blog about this because it might be a bit embarrassing.
But anyways, here goes.
Can you fall in love with a paper bag?


  1. Yes. Most definitely. As witnessed by the small collection I have!!

  2. Oh yes! I have done frequently and have a wee collection of them.x

  3. Err, no. Not unless it's being held by Eric Morecambe when he does the paper bag trick, which always makes me laugh. But then every time he coughed and said "Arsenal!", I laughed too, so what do I know?! xxx

  4. Tee! Hee!
    Thanks for the paper- bag- strange- love support and feedback! X

  5. Um, yes, I do save mine and no, I don't fall in love with them, but go ahead, feel free! What I would be in love with is the cake it might have contained; been there, had the cream tea!

  6. Yes you can. I have a small paper bag from The Teddy Bear shop with bears on it that my husbands Nana gave to us with a Bride and Groom Mouse magnet when we told her we were getting married. It is so cute and the Bride and Groom are proudly displayed on our fridge. :-)

  7. Yes, you can but I love their pork pies more! You been visiting the seaside and those lovely shops again Mrs B? X

  8. Thanks chucks!
    And well spotted Lemonade Kitty, I do love Whitby! X

  9. yes! I stroke and covert many a crazy thing, so I guess a paper bag is no odder?! x


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