Sunday, 17 August 2014

Rootin' Tootin' Car Bootin'!

A toad stool pin cushion!
I had to get this satchel because it's nearly 'going back to college' time
because it had the writing inside!
Hope you've found some good car booty this weekend x


  1. Lovely! I do love a good old satchel especially with the previous owners best writing on it. No bargains today...very slim pickings at the moment. It will be even slimmer when the car boot site closes down for good. Oh well. I wonder what the car boot sales are like in Pinxton?x

  2. Now that satchel is going to rock alongside your shoes Missy B (have shown hubby then and am hoping that I can get myself a pair - let's hope I get some supply work in September and it could be a deal)! x

  3. Great finds and great car blog hx

  4. Thanks ladies, I will be wearing my new school shoes with my new old satchel come term time!
    Hope you get those sandals Ginny T x

  5. Love that pin cushion ..... what a find!
    Jacqui x

  6. Absolutely love your bag and the pin cushion Mrs B and your last post made me run to the shop. X

  7. Cheers chucks! So glad you liked my treasures! X

  8. Lovely finds. I was looking at a handbag in a charity shop, and the owner's kidney donor card was still inside (from 1978, a lady called Doris). xx

    1. I love that!
      This satchel had a bus ticket in the front pocket from 1985!
      That's what makes thrifty finds so ace isn't it! X


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