Sunday 30 November 2014

A Most Special Pinny Indeed...

During last week's Mrs B workshop at Hope and Elvis I didn't take any photos of myself (which is not surprising really is it!)
So I would like to say a big 'thank you kindly chuck' to the wonderful Miss Flaming Nora for letting me use this piccy.
However, I did need such a photo,(believe me I wouldn't inflict this upon you if it was not for the utmost of important reasons).
And the reason is this pinny.
It is no ordinary pinny.
It is a hand made, custom- embroidered and embellished wrap- around pinny made by the very talented Miss Debs.
She embroidered little sayings and snippets that have a special meaning.
The pattern was also drafted by Miss Debs and made from soft vintage French linen.
I shall treasure this forever and the lovely thing is that I know whenever it needs repairing, I can just add something to its history.
Thank you for stitching this with such care and love, every stitch holds such meaning.
Have I mentioned before that I love my pinny?!?
PS: Miss Debs can also be found on Instagram as @ dsg1964


  1. Miss Debs is bloody amazing isn't she?! That pinny was definitely made by the fairies - it rocks, as do you gorgeous one x

    1. She is indeed Miss G &T, I was made up when I saw it.
      It is something I knowI shall wear all my days x

  2. Nice to see you, you look as beautiful as ever! Love your pinny!

    1. Aww thanks chuck, what a lovely thing to say x

  3. What a lovely, thoughtful gift from the deliciously kind and talented Debs! She's a gem, you are gorgeous, and I know you will treasure that sweet pinny for ever. xxx

  4. The pinny is stitched beautifully and love the details. The lady wearing the pinny looks gorgeous. Love xx

  5. I love your pinny could mention it everyday and it is so lovely that it would always be true wouldn't it...I enjoy your blog so very much...Thank You...Z

  6. Adorable. How much fun it will be to wear this!

  7. Thank you all very much for the lovely comments.
    I am sure Miss Debs will be bowled over when she reads them too x

  8. That is such lovely thoughtful present (wish Christmas could get back to things like that) and it would be interesting to see several years down the line if you camouflage any mishaps.


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