Saturday, 7 March 2015

Paint, Scraps And Glue...

I've been playing and making a mess.
This makes me very happy.
I have a mixed media/ abstract landscape painting workshop coming up in a couple of months, so I have started to prepare some examples.
I hope this looks a bit like a night time landscape.
Wishing you all a creative playful weekend too chucks!


  1. I love this one ...and mine's a boubon, please xx

  2. Yes, that's exactly what it looks like - love the moon! xxx

  3. Thank you all so very kindly. X

  4. I love this too (and I don't bandy the word love about very much!)... and it would also look fantastic (I do bandy the word fantastic about a bit though) as a textile piece. x

    1. Thanks chuck!
      I think my painting and textiles are slowly merging into one! X


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