Monday, 27 April 2015

From Inspiration...

On Saturday I was lucky enough to teach a workshop at the lovely Ropewalk in Barton.
'From Inspiration To Abstraction' was a day for exploring and collecting ideas for future work.
After chatting about my abstract sketchbooks we gathered up our chattels and ventured outside.
We sketched in the beautiful Sculpture Garden (whilst eating sweets, for artistic energy you understand!)
I was so impressed with the experimental boldness of everyone, even as I was being rather bossy and telling everyone to 'paint over their favourite bits' and 'to fill the entire sketchbook'!
(My apologies, I blame the amount of sugar I had consumed!)
And then it rained...

Look at the fabulous concertina sketchbooks that were created, all in less than an hour!
This what the art room looked like just before the afternoon session, very creative!
After a delicious dinner we started on the canvases.
Music was played.
A few more sweeties were consumed.
Paint was smeared and scraped and splattered and printed and s'graffito-ed (I love that word!)
I was so impressed with everyone's energy and drive.
It was a real privilege to see everyone's individuality emerge on the canvases.
It was fascinating to see the layers of paint build up during the afternoon...
And this is where I have to apologise profusely.
I was enjoying myself so much and the time whooshed by so quickly I didn't bloomin' photograph the finished results!
I am so cross with myself because the paintings were stunning and I couldn't believe the amount of work produced in one day.
But if any of the class are reading this I would like to congratulate you all.
You are all an inspiration and I can't wait to grab my brushes tomorrow and get cracking!


  1. looks like the most amazing day. I may have to insist you come down south and hold some workshops. xx

  2. Oh that looked marvelous! So jealous, awesome job Mrs.B!

  3. What a fab, fun day Mrs B!! Making abstract art easy and accessible for a beginner like me! Can't wait to do more, K x

    1. Thank you so much for getting in touch.
      I really enjoyed my day with you all and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. x

  4. Fab! What wonderful work and I bet the finished paintings were brilliant. It looks like my kind of day.

    1. Thanks Ivy chuck, i think a day of arty shenanigans is good for the soul x

  5. Looks like you all had a fantastic messy play day. I love days like that. X

    1. It was a day of hard work but, hopefully, lots of fun too.
      The group of arty folks that came along were fabulous and a real pleasure to work with. x


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