Thursday 14 May 2015

A Day Out In Whitby!

Hope you don't mind me harking back to my Easter holiday but there is so much to share.
Whitby is one of my favourite places ever, let's pootle...
Fancy a cuppa in Sherlock's Coffee House?
Perhaps just one slice?
Giant plastic ice cream alert!
We heard the gavel slam as we walked past!
Looks like this ice cream is parked illegally!
Time for a spot of shopping...
Probably the best kippers in the world.
We even had some sunshine!
Don't think they'll be winning any Oscars for this pretend argument!
And at the end of the day, it was off back to our lovely little cottage for a kip by the fire...


  1. How very lovely! Such wonderful adventures!x

    1. Thanks Gemma, it really was a special day x

  2. For sure I know which blog to read for more ice cream cones. Haha. Gr8 photos, thanks for sharing them. Xx


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