Thursday 21 May 2015

And Breathe...

After the stresses of the SATs and the frantic end of term teaching, my head is spinning.
It's been a breath- taking ride, but can I get off the roller coaster now?
Let's take a road trip to the North York Moors.
And take a deep breath...
There, that's better.


  1. Enjoy your breather, it's a hard-going time of year isn't it?! My husband is a teacher and it's always a relief when the worst of it is over!x

  2. I bet that is better! I feel better just looking at the photographs. Stunning.xx

  3. I so need that right now. One more week, then exhibition then exit tutorials then hurrah summer!

  4. Thank goodness for half term! xxx

  5. I think we are all ready for this break with you Mrs B. Enjoy your half term. X

  6. Thank you for your kindly comments.
    Enjoy your holiday x

  7. Nothing more relaxing than nothing.

  8. Eh chuck! I feel your pain....enjoy the half term break,,,I will....sending chilled thoughts your way!
    bestest d aka A xxx

  9. Delightful photos.
    SATs are heinous, I just hate the fact that a bunch of 10-11 year olds are put under pressure for the sake of the school, rather than for their own development. Y6 is sacrificed to the Great God of SATs in our school, it's awful.
    Hmm, think I need some North Yorkshire therapy myself! xxx

  10. Thank you chucks, happy half term x


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