Wednesday 27 May 2015

A Very Painterly Day Indeed!

On Saturday I was lucky enough to teach a painting workshop at The Steel Rooms in the lovely market town of Brigg.
'From Simplification to Abstraction: The Mixed Media Landscape' was the focus for the day.

Look at the concentration on Karen's, Liz's and Isy's faces...

We began by painting thumbnail sketches, picking out the main elements from the reference points that we brought along.

 Dawn's action shot!

Look at Julie, Becky and Debs go!

The 'choons' were played and the paint was flung around!
What made the day even more special was that we were joined by two younger painters, Isy and Kate, and what I found amazing was their energy and commitment.
(In fact, as us ladies gossiped and laughed through our dinner time, Kate and Isy carried on working!)
Well done chucks!

After a gorgeous dinner, we explored mixed media.

Everyone's work was so varied, ranging from representational, to semi-abstraction to full-on abstraction.

Kate and Isy fully embraced the concepts of abstraction and were fearless painters!

I loved seeing the techniques that we explored in the morning being used in such experimental and individual ways.

'I did art!'

Well done ladies, I feel so proud of you all!
I couldn't believe how much work was produced in one day!

A note of apology to Liz, Kate and Isy:
Im so sorry but some of my photos were really blurred (I blame my general giddiness on the day,) and so I didn't have many pictures of your work.
I would love to include more examples of your work on this post, if you find the time to send me some photos on my Face Book page that would be lovely.
Please accept my sincere apologies.


  1. Look what wonderful pieces everyone produced; I think you bring out the best in people, Mrs B!
    Great to see Miss Debs in the mix there! xxx

    1. Believe me, I didn't have to work very hard, everyone was very talented indeed x

  2. Looks like high action fabulousness - amazing work - the range is incredible and very original must have been an amazing day. Xxdi

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I had such a great time, everyone was fab and really went for it x

  3. Looks like my kind of day. Wish I was there too. X

    1. I think you could teach me a thing or two when it comes to painting me dear x

  4. My goodness, this looks like such wonderful fun!x

    1. We had a lot of laughs and really went for it Gemma.
      It was great fun x


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