Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Day At Cowslip...( Part One)...

One of the places I had always wanted to visit in Cornwall was Cowslip Workshops in Launceston.
I was lucky enough to visit on the day of the Cowslip Summer Fair, the sun was shining, there were textiles stalls a plenty....
I was in heaven!
The first stall I visited was Donna Flower Vintage.
I follow Donna on Instagram so I was so excited to meet her!
I also spied Teresa Dunne from Willapark Designs, it was like a textile Hall Of Fame!
(I was also slightly guilty of stalking these poor ladies so that I could take a photo!)
Just look at these vintage treasures...
(I confess, I had to buy the mermaid pin cushion!)
(But I could have bought a whole lot more!)
Sarah J Perry's work was exquisite, full of beauty and life.
Linda Clift's stall was full of antique textiles and French treasures...
I spent a long time having a pootle and a chat...
I also met Jo Colwill, who owns Cowslip Studios and makes the most exquisite quilts.
There were stunning quilts displayed everywhere, some from the Shipton Quilters in Gloucestershire, some by students at Cowslip and some by Jo herself.
Anyone that can stitch so precisely has my ultimate respect, I can't even measure accurately!
By this time my stomach was rumbling, I was overly giddy and there were still so many stalls to see!
Time for a jacket tattie....I'll show you more photos next time chucks x


  1. A pootle and a chat is where its at....more more please!
    bestest Daisy xxx

    1. That would make a great rap lyric Miss Jones x

  2. ooh lovely - i nearly went to this but i don't drive so would've needed my chauffeur - as it was his birthday i decided it would've been cruelty to a long suffering vintage haberdashery hoarders man ;)

    1. Maybe next year's definitely worth the trip x

  3. Oooh wonderful! Heaven indeed! I love Donna's wares and fabrics. I had a stall at a fair she was at and spent all my profit at hers! That pincushion is fab; a little work of art.....only textiles people can say things like that without sounding like an eejit!x

    1. Yes, Donns's stall was seriously dangerous and utterly delicious!
      So glad you like my pin cushion, don't think hubby understood! X


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