Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Helston is one of my favourite charity shopping places in Cornwall.
There is also the fantastic Helston Folk Museum, full of treasures and curios.
I spent an age looking at this, look how beautifully stitched the collar and the cross is.
And this just made me swoon...
I am always fascinated about history that happened to everyday folk, the little things, ephemera and fragments.
These things make me stop in my tracks.
The shop and kitchen displays were my favourites...
This was a tough competition....just how long WAS the Worlds longest banana split!?
I remember Izal loo roll at my infant school....Ugh!
Any museum that has a kitten tray has to be a winner!
I loved this poster, especially the fact that ladies were not allowed entry, due to the animals' odour being 'rather bad, and their natural propensities somewhat peculiar'.
And on that note, let's go and have a cup of tea!


  1. What a fantastic museum! I would love to visit it one day - like you, I find the 'everyday things' the most fascinating...though the 'no Ladies' poster is up there, too...! Cx

    1. I just know that you would love it Chrissie x

  2. You might have just solved what to do today if it continues to rain, on hols, 6 miles from Helston. Supposed to be sunny thogh so it's either Lizard and Choughs or Newlyn and fish! Jo

    1. Hope you have a wonderful time whatever you choose....glad I could be of help thoughX


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