Monday, 28 March 2016

Stitch by Stitch...

Here's one of the pieces that I made for the 'Time' exhibition at The Steel Rooms.
The eleven artists all interpreted the theme in different ways.
My take on the theme wasn't at all complex (just like me!)
For me, it simply meant that each piece took a long amount of time.
When you take a piece a work around with you for many months, adding a stitch here and a stitch here...
Folk asking you what you are doing...
Having conversations and reflecting on memories as you work...
You can't help but grow attached.
But I'm very happy that this chap will be going to live in a lovely new home with a lovely new owner.


  1. In my mind it's very complex. Why all the 6s? What does the kite have to do with the Post Office? And how does it relate to Time? But maybe I overthink things. It has character and balance and warmth, and it's lovely!

    1. Thanks Val, there are no hidden meanings I'm afraid, but I love the way folk view things differently. I love your critique of my work chuck xxxx

  2. Another beautiful piece. I know what you mean about stitching memories into what you're making. I quite often associate different pieces I've made with things like where I was when I made it or who I was with, or what I was watching on the tv etc.

    1. Thanks Louise, that's why crafts and art are so personal xxx


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