Thursday 30 June 2016

The Lonely Woodsman...

Last Christmas I was given some beautiful old seed sacks and I finally got around to stitching on one of them.
Sometimes as I work silly little stories begin to unfold, perhaps I was thinking about seeds and plants, I don't really know...
but as I stitched this picture some ideas began to emerge.
I sometimes feel a bit worried when I share these whimsical tales of nonsense, I apologise in advance!

The Lonely Woodsman.
There was once a lonely woodsman who lived deep in the forest.
He was kind and hard working, and loved the trees and all the creatures that dwelled there.
However, one summer's evening, his heart ached more than it had ever before.
He gazed at a clump of four wild flowers, their flaming orange petals seemed to glow in the twilight.
He sighed and said to himself:
'Oh! How I wish I had a wife.
Someone that I could share such moments as these.'
The forest creatures heard what he had said, and when the woodsman went into his cabin, they gathered around the flowers.
And as the sun began to set, a blackbird sang a magical song, and the spell was cast.
In the morning the woodsman returned to look at the flowers and there he found the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
She was tall and willowy, with leaf green eyes and flaming auburn hair.
They were married before the Autumn came, and the woodsman and his wife lived happily ever after.


  1. LOVE IT!! You carry on sharing your whimsical tales, lovely. What is life without whimsy and right now, we could all do with it...and some magic. And tea. Lots of

    1. Thank you so kindly Miss Ivy, I'll put kettle on! X

  2. Oh that's lovely... don't apologise, I can see a little book of tales all accompanied by one of your illustrations, it would be fantastic. x

    1. That really would be a dream come true.
      Thank you for your kindly comment my friend xxx

  3. Your blog/words/art is beautiful!! Please keep sharing!


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