Saturday, 20 August 2016

Lido Longings...

Isn't it funny how things just seep into your brain without you knowing...
I started this painting without knowing what it would be, (I always try to do this, otherwise it's too much pressure.)
It was quite the epic battle, late night scrawlings, a few choice mutterings and the whole thing nearly ended up being chucked out of the window a few times!
But when it comes to painting I can sometimes be a stubborn little madam.
And eventually she emerged.
I think it's about the beautifully restored Lido that I walked past in Penzance.
It's a real Art Deco beauty.
( Or, as one of my good friends commented it could be influenced by the Olympics, which hubby has been glued to and I have, surprisingly, really enjoyed myself.)
What really made me laugh was my auntie then commented on Face Book that she looked like she was in the 1920!
I think she's got a point there!


  1. Absolutely adore this lido lady! I think that your auntie is right...she does.
    Hurrah for the restored Jubilee Pool. I used to holiday in Penzance a lot when I was younger. I feel I should take a trip and have a swim!xxx

    1. You would love it Miss Black, it looks so beautiful x

  2. Interesting - I didn't get an Olympic vibe at all. I see her as a Roman lady on her way to the forum to have her augurs read. Either way, brava!

    1. Thanks Val, I've really enjoyed reading everyone's interpretations. Art is fascinating! X

  3. Yes a very determined young lady. I hope she got gold xx


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