Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Wonderful Day With Lisa Stickley...

On Sunday I went to the fabulous Lisa Stickley's 'Doodling On Cloth' workshop at the hallowed studio of Hope And Elvis.
I love Lisa's work and I was so excited to meet her!
We began the day with a talk by Lisa about her career so far, which was so inspiring.
Then we saw some of her beautiful and quirky designs, and she generously shared a wealth of techniques with us.
Isn't her work just gorgeous!
Then we got to play with the beautiful materials that were in the studio.
We soon got stuck in!
Look at the state of my desk!
And, as always, it's so good to catch up with mates!
And I can't resist a pootle around Louise's stunning studio space...
Tunnocks time!
Here's Lisa enjoying a cuppa too!
I have mentioned this in the past, but Louise does have the most beautiful loo in the whole of the land, and I have photographed it many times!
Obligatory cheeky loo selfie!
And here's a new addition to the smallest room in the studio, a beautiful driftwood crab by Kirsty Elsinore.
The dinner was delicious, Magie is such a talented cook.
And after a day of laughting and chatting and cutting and snipping, one of my rabbit girls emerged...
She seems to be appearing a lot nowadays, I think she wanted to join in the party too!


  1. I simply adore your work and look forward to every post!!

    1. Thank you so much Becci, that really means a lot. Thanks for reading my blog x

  2. I love going to Louise's workshops they are alway the best of days and you have captured it beautifully xxx

    1. Thank you Lyn, it's such a beautiful place to photograph x

  3. and so she should join the party wearing her lovely dress x

  4. Think I'd have spent most of my time looking around the studio instead of working, what with so much interesting stuff to look at... and fantastic food. x

    1. It's one of my favourite places in the whole wide world, my happy place x

  5. What a lovely report of a great day - I enjoyed it too, but failed to make a record -thank you for doing it for me x

    1. Im so glad you liked the post Sue, i enjoyed myself so much but the day just flies by! x


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