Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Old Town...

When we visited Bridlington we walked from The Old Town to the seafront.
This part of Bridlington is like stepping back in time, in fact the Dad's Army film was filmed around here!
I'd read in the tourist guide that there was a notorious Victorian ghost who was often seen to slide down this pub's staircase.
I popped my head around the door, and then I muttered about the ghost apologetically, as there was a lady cleaning the tables directly in front of me.
'You can come and see her later if you want,'
she offered kindly,
'but me Mum's still asleep upstairs!'
I was also fascinated by this beautiful old shop, I felt a bit cheeky taking photos of it to tell you the truth, but the displays were lovely.
I also saw the most beautiful little house for sale....sigh.
And as we turned the corner, there were Morris dancers!
And a rather enthusiastic new member of the group!!!
There is also the most beautiful vintage shop with stunning shop fittings.
Heather's Simply Vintage is packed full of beautiful and quirky pieces and it has a really friendly atmosphere.
Aaaargh! Selfie alert!
... I really should have bought that hat!


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos of Brid.! It's years since I've been there,
    And it makes me all nostalgic seeing it again, even in the rain! Live in Devon now, so a bit of a journey to get there, but you may have inspired a trip! PS I got some photos of giant cones in Hunstanton, if you're ever down that way....x

    1. Ive never been to Hunstanton, but now I know there are giant ice cream cones to be seen......! x

  2. PPS you should have had that hat!

  3. What a charming place to visit. The Queen once wore a hat like that pink one ! x

    1. Its really gorgeous in the Old Town and then all seaside kiss-me-quick hats and fish and chips on the front. Best of both worlds! x


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