Thursday, 3 November 2016

Hebden Bridge...

In the half term break we had a day out at the lovely Hebden Bridge.
It's a really hippy, arty place, full of fab independent shops and smiley folk.
There are also many wondrous charity shops...
(A Fisher Price Tippy Toe Turtle for £2?
Yes please!)
And how many towns have an actual milliner's shop?
Hat Therapy is a gorgeous shop, I wished that I'd had more time to spend there, but I'll be back!

Hebden Bridge is full of quirkiness, and I really enjoyed taking lots of photos as we mooched around...
And then there's the pizza...
A real Italian cafe, my enormous pizza was just a fiver!
Someone else enjoyed it too...
Fancy a bit more shopping?
Lucy and the Caterpillar is a gorgeous vintage shop, full of treasures and bargains.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful till in all your life?
Look at those snow boots!
And then there was just enough time for a walk along the canal before we set off home...
See you again some time Hebden Bridge!


  1. Ahhh I love Hebden Bridge. Love your pictures of this colourful town.:)

    1. Thank you Shazza, I love the whole atmosphere of the place. I always dream of living on a narrow boat when I visit! X

  2. It looks even better than I remember it (over 10 years ago). I must go back, with lots of cash and without the easily-bored husband!

  3. I am lucky enough to live just a few miles from Hebden and visit it a lot but your post has shown me lots of new things...thank you!

    1. It's such a beautiful part of the country, I am a tad jealous Lyn! X

  4. How I would love to mooch around there x


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