Thursday, 10 November 2016

Gothic Goings On!

Last Saturday we visited Whitby as it was the Goth Weekend.
It's one of her favourite days of the year, so on Friday night Mini Goth had preparations...
The weather was pretty unpredictable but we did have some bouts of sunshine.
I apologise in advance for the copious amounts of 'very proud mother' photos!
I was also pretty proud of the Steam Punk skirt I fashioned out of a rather nasty bridesmaid's dress I bought from a car boot for £2!
Lots of Gothic shopping opportunities!
Well, we are in Yorkshire!
I love the atmosphere and everyone loves posing for the camera!
Now you don't see that everyday!

It's truly amazing watching everyone in their costumes...
The antique jet jewellery in Hamond's is so beautiful.
By midday it was pretty busy!
So we braved the steps up to the Abbey ruins...
Time for dinner!
Sander's Yard is such a lovely place, here's hubby's pumpkin lasagne, (I couldn't resist a mouthful or two!)
Here's Mini Goth, in a world of her own...
And on our way out there was the Moaning Lisa to see us on our way...
Farewell Whitby, thanks for a brilliantly spooky day!


  1. oh i love this! My boy would be in heaven here :) dress up is his normal wear and no signs of outgrowing this "phase" either. Mini Goth looks fantastic :)

    1. Thank you chuck, Whitby really is a Goth's paradise isn't it! X

  2. That looks amazing!! I Have been to Whitby several times but never for the goth fest.Will have to remedy that.Great photos!

    1. You'd love it Shazza, it's a really good atmosphere x

  3. Thank you for the escape from our election horror. Mini Goth was perfect in every way. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Kathleen, sending much love over the pond x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks ever so, I love a bit of thrifted treasure! X

  5. Fantastic ! I'd love to see this. Mini Goth looks stunning. Goth meets Steampunk some of the fab costumes look like. xx

    1. Thank you me dear, it really is an I spring day out x


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