Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Creative Prompt for March:

Wishing you a very creative month of March, hope you enjoy this month's little 'Creative Prompt'.

All the best,
Mrs B x


  1. Dear Living To Work Working To Live, I'm so sorry but I tried to publish your comment on my phone and my big, fat finger deleted it.
    So sorry, but thank you for your lovely comment me dear x

  2. HI Mrs B! I love this - makes me want to get all creative! I can kind of apply it to my writing, too, as I have so many leads and snippets and pictures I've saved on my computer desktop, which call all be put together to make an interesting narrative. Happy Friday! xxx

    1. That's brilliant Ellie! I never thought of it in that way, thanks for letting me know x

  3. I look forward to seeing some of the creations x


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