Saturday, 4 March 2017

My Happy Place...

My tiny studio is probably the place I spend most of my time.
It's also the room that says the most about me, I have to have my 'stuff' surrounding me so that I can make and paint.
I love looking at artist's studios because of that reason, fancy a pootle around mine?
My shelf of sketchbooks are protected by a blue lamb (of course!)
My beloved Fisher Price brush holder...
and lucky pixie!
And I have to have my hippy crystals (celestite for creativity!)
I've had this for years, she's kind of like my muse I think.
My dolls' house is very useful for storing scrips and scraps!
And it is essential to have a plastic stag's head for lace storage!
More Fisher Price love!
And finally, my beloved and much dripped upon CD and cassette player, without which I would not be able to paint at all.
Thanks for popping by, fancy a cuppa?


  1. Replies
    1. He is Mr H.Wilde President of the Barnsley British Cooperative Society. I love this tin so much x

  2. Why of course! Silly me!! I now know what my creative space is missing! A plastic stags head and vintage Fisher Price! Doh!!!

  3. Delightful! Thanks for the tour:)

  4. I love all your nic nacs, especially the deer, it looks very much like my sewing room. My DH keeps asking me when I'm moving my bed in lol, x

  5. Your lovely studio inspires me to tidy up-- but the moment I enter the studio, all reason fails me, and I start to make. Is there a cure for this malady?

    1. I think that that sounds like the perfect place for creativity to me! X

  6. it all looks very tidy...mine is awfully untidy! I would have to tidy up a bit before I show you around! Love your blue lamb by the way. xxx

  7. What a lovely visit thank you !

  8. Your studio is wonderful! Love all the kitschy bits n bobs and tins and of course your beautiful Muse. xx

    1. Thanks so much Curtise, i love this little space x

  9. New to your blog (via Hilary at Living to Work), I find myself with red parrot envy. He's a beauty! And like Hilary I covet that plastic deer's head. We were given one similar as a wedding present in 1973 ... I don't admit that to many ... but I'm afraid I'm not sure of his ultimate fate!


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