Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Tale Of Mrs Bracken...

Recently I have been playing with paper, trying out ideas for my work and future workshops perhaps.
I really enjoyed drawing and collaging her, I like experimenting with the contrast between the detailed drawn sections and the flatter, more graphic collaged areas.
Mrs Bracken, the kindly fox,baked the most delicious pies.
Every morning the birds would bring her berries and the ripest fruit from the forest.
Mrs Bracken gave them their breakfast and would scatter the crumbs from her tattered Pinny.
Every evening, the animals would feast on pastries, pies and other delights while the birds sang, and afterwards the squirrels would sweep away the ashes from the oven with their tails.


  1. Mrs Bracken is kindly looking and I love her dress !

  2. You know what, Mrs Bracken can bake me a pie any day. What is Mr Bracken up to while Mrs Bracken bakes? Is there even a Mr Bracken - somehow in my mind he was a ne'er do well and sloped off years ago to find adventure and seek his fortune in foreign lands without a bye or your leave to Mrs Bracken. And she hasn't heard from him since, the philandering rogue! But she bakes the pies just in case, one day, like the birds, he should return in need of a little nourishment

    1. Oh, I love this ending!
      Completely inspired! X


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