Sunday, 18 June 2017

Fancy A Shopping Trip?

Fancy a bit of pure retail therapy on this lazy Sunday afternoon?
A few weeks ago we had a fab day out in Hebden Bridge, and when I visited one of my favourite fair trade shops called Spirals, they told me that there was a new interiors department upstairs....
Everything was so beautifully displayed and curated.
There was beautiful artwork and prints.
I really wanted one of these light shades...
Table lamp envy!
Hello Middie!
(Even my dog was made very welcome)!
Hope you enjoyed our little pootle, and thank you to the very lovely staff who let me snap away to my heart's content.
Fancy a cuppa and a slice of cake now?


  1. These 'tours' you give are just great. Saves me the 21 hour flight and a new passport! (Would rather actually be there though) Thank you!

    1. Thank you Judith, hearing that really makes my day! X

  2. That was a nice virtual shopping session thanks.
    We've often been in Spirals and bought some lovely things in there
    I like Heart gallery as well in Hebden
    Lynn x

    1. Oo yes! I spent far too many pennies in the Heart Gallery, it's so lovely! X

  3. sigh x The lamps remind me of our 70s bed sheets and I love the cushions x

    1. I just love those textile prints!!!! I could have bought everything! X

  4. HB is a great place isn't it? - so good that we visit once per month so I can get my haircut (or is it so Alison can go round the shops?)

    I've just booked us a few days in Absinthe at a nearby campsite at the end of next week. Check out my Blog for the last time I went there:

    1. Thanks for popping by! I loved your blog... I couldn't find a place to write a comment though. I'm sure I'm being daft but I didn't want you to think I was being rude! X


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