Sunday, 25 February 2018

An Oasis Of Calm...

A couple of months ago when I visited Sheffield I always make sure I pop into two of my favourite shops.
The first one being Plantology, a beautiful lush calm sea of greenery.

I bought a few of these marimo moss balls, (yes, my hubby was most impressed!) and I love them, you just have to occasionally give them a rinse and a little squeeze!

Unexpected selfie alert!

And across the road is another beautiful shop, Moonko, purveyors of beautiful things and.....


Just look at these displays!

Why didn't I buy this beauty?

oooo I do love an air plant!

Mother-daughter unexpected selfie alert!

Both places are beautifully curated with really friendly staff, I always seem to leave with a few leafy friends in my bag!

I couldn't resist a few photos of the graffiti, I do love a bit of peeling paper don't you!
Time for a cuppa now methinks, custard cream?


  1. Looks like a wonderful day out. Love the plant shop. Almost like a blast to the past in the seventies.

    1. My mum had a cheese plant in the 70's, it does remind me of happy days x

  2. I've bought a few little potted succulents recently, just need to try and keep them alive! Love the idea of the moss balls! Xxx

    1. Im not great with plants but they're pretty tough cookies, I bet your collection grows! xxx


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