Monday, 30 July 2018

Anna Gillespie: 'Dwelling' Exhibition At Gallery Steel Rooms:

If you get the chance to visit 'Dwelling' by Anna Gillespie at Gallery Steel Rooms, I really can't recommend it enough.

When I opened the door, the atmosphere in the gallery space was incredible.
The figures loomed towards me, and I felt such a mixture of emotions as initially the figures felt imposing, but quickly seemed imploring, isolated, even though they are presented in a group..

This sense of disparity is palpable, and I was not surprised that this installation entitled 'What It Takes' explores the issue of displacement, and the political plight faced by refugees.

Gillespie's second installation 'Dwelling' explores the opposing theme of home and belonging, and reflects on her childhood home in the 1970's.
The very personal themes of vulnerability and of being trapped in a claustrophobic environment juxtapose dramatically next to 'What It Takes'.

I love the profiles and textures on these pieces.

I also became fascinated by their feet!

I couldn't resist sitting down and having a sketch...

What also struck me about Gallery Steel Rooms is how they support female artists.
I hate labelling artists by their gender, but sadly the representation of women artists is still an important issue that should be tackled in the art world.
Gallery Steel Rooms should be congratulated for their excellent work and exciting programme of exhibitions and events.

Anna Gillespie.
Gallery Steel Rooms.
30/6/18 - 1/9/18


  1. Superb blog about an extraordinary exhibition - thank you som much for writing and sharing about Gallery Steel Rooms, in Brigg. xx

    1. My pleasure me dear, it really is such an amazing exhibition x

  2. Oh my goodness, I could spend a long time here x

  3. I want to go and see that exhibition! It reminds me of Antony Gormley's Domain Field which I saw a few years ago at the Baltic. That was stunning, I thought.

    1. love Gormley's work, hope you get to see this in the flesh x

  4. what an interesting exhibition, for me the posture of the models speaks volumes and gives them personality, bringing them to life. I haven't seen this kind of thing before so it made quite an impact on me.

    1. Im so glad you loved it, its such an impactful show x


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