Saturday, 21 July 2018

Mister Finch And The Wish Post...

Last Sunday was a very giddy day indeed, as I visited 'The Wish Post', Mister Finch's exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

As soon as I entered the exhibition I felt as though the mysterious Mister Finch had allowed us all a little peek into his world of magic and make-believe...

And what a magical world it is...

Every detail is meticulously crafted and his use of recycled materials is simply ingenious.
As I was sitting in the exhibition, I could hear people talking about the creatures' characters and pointing out the tiny accessories.
I became quite obsessed with their feet, no-one stitches toes like Mister Finch!

You can actually feel the love that has been poured into each individual creature, their postures, clothing and expressions are completely unique, and I am convinced that when the lights are switched off in the gallery those little characters come to life...

And just look at those beautiful squirrels, who nimbly string up the whispered wishes into the trees, 
(I don't want to tell you anymore of the story as you just have to read Mister Finch's self-published book.)
Not only is it a beautiful piece of art in itself, it actually made me shed a happy tear or two!

I loved 'The Ring A Dings' so much that I settled down in a little corner of the room.
The hedgehog I sketched is called 'Bobble'...

... I did get the feeling as though I was being watched though!

O! How I fell in love with The Festival Mice!

One thing that Mister Finch mentioned in his book is something I completely relate to as well:

'Working small doesn't always mean less work - in fact it often means quite the opposite!'

Just look at the swans' feathers!

And here's Poe the mouse, the star of the show.

I also managed to sketch the very dashing Mr. Birdwhistle.
(I'm sure he gave me a little wink when I'd finished!)

I was really pleased with this photograph because the reflections in the glass make it look as though they are walking through the forest!

I treated myself to Mister Finch's book (and maybe one or two other little bits and bobs!)
The YSP has a very dangerous shop of delights indeed!

(And just before I left I might have just whispered a wish, never know!)

Mister Finch.
The Wish Post.
YSP Centre.
23/6/18 - 23/9/18


  1. How absolutely delightful. No wonder there was a bit of giddiness! That's a very giddy inducing exhibition!

    1. I literally had heart palpitations chuck ! x

  2. these are amazing, beautiful, so lively! Wish I could see them in person. I might have to see if I can buy that book.

    1. You'll love the book, i cant stop looking at it x

  3. Oh gosh I really enjoyed your post about this exhibition, We really really need to see this before it finishes. xxx

  4. uphilldowndale23 July 2018 at 14:26

    I can't wait to see this. The YSP is always a wonderful day out.

  5. Would so live to see this show but your account is the next best thing. Magical indeed. And now I will wonder over to that shop you mentioned...

    1. So glad you liked the post, you'll love the book xxx


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