Tuesday, 4 September 2018

A Stroll To Cadgwith...

Fancy a pootle down to Cadgwith?
It's such a beautiful little Cornish fishing village and the walk is lovely...

This is one of my favourite churches, St Mary's is a tiny tin church overlooking Cadgwith.

The thatched cottages don't look real, it's like it's from a Disney film!

And every year I gaze longingly at this yellow shack, 
it would make the perfect studio right by the sea.

That there Poldark seems to be everywhere!

Time for an ice cream methinks!


  1. Oh thanks ! for taken us along Mrs. B !
    A tiny church to put in your pocket !
    Thatched roofs are quite common here in some areas ... (though a high (fire) insurance price !!!)

    1. My pleasure chuck!
      Coming from Up North, thatched cottages just take my breath away, never thought about the insurance though! xxx

  2. Thank you for a delightful walk, complete with gorgeous cottages a little church and Cap'n Ross. I believe those tin churches were pre-fabs which could be transported and put up quickly, especially in the colonies doncha know, although the only ones I've come across are in England. I'll have a 99, please

    1. Ooo how interesting!
      You can have sprinkles too chuck! x


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