Sunday, 9 September 2018

Holiday Snapshots...

I've just been looking through my holiday photos and here are my favourite random snaps from Cornwall.
Just look at this sunset at Sennen Cove!

I stopped off to take this photo on the way to Sennen,
I love this church with its surf board cross.

And just look at this stunning house at The Lizard!

I loved the decorated seagulls I spotted around St.Ives...

And Middie was given a pastie-shaped biscuit at the lovely Poppy Treffry shop in St.Ives!

I spotted this van at Newlyn, this must belong to a pirate!

And how beautiful is this squashed flower I found on the pavement!

These are my favourite dustbins in the whole wide world, 
(I must admit that I photograph them every year!)

Hope you enjoyed my holiday snapshots chucks, wishing you a very happy week indeed.


  1. Lovely snaps. Just love the fact that you photographed a dead flower on the pavement. On my blog and Instagram I recently shared the fact that I took photos of lots of drain covers when I was in Copenhagen and Malmo earlier in the year. And was amazed at the positive response. So glad it's not just me!

    1. Drain covers are amazing!
      Im so glad you liked my photos, thank you chuck x


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