Sunday 23 December 2018

Christmas Musings...

For me, one of the special things about this time of year is that there is time to think.
I don't really want to set myself a New year's resolution that might end up making me feel like a failure, but there is one thing about myself that I want to try and work on.
I have always been a planner,
the one that is always looking over the horizon for what might appear, just in case there might be a nasty surprise.
There's nothing wrong with forward planning, in fact in comes in pretty useful when you're navigating this funny thing called 'Life', but sometimes I think I need to just stop every now and then and look around at what is happening NOW.

So why the picture of my Christmas tree?

It was when I was decorating the tree I started to think about this because I never hang my vintage decorations, just in case they get broken.
I have three boxes of beautiful glass baubles that I have collected for many years languishing in my attic.
Every year I open the boxes and lovingly look at them, and then shut the lid again.
But not this year, my daughter and I hung as many as we could on the branches and Im so glad we did.

So now the tree is looking resplendent, I should try and apply this philosophy to other parts of my life.
You see, I am already watching that metaphorical egg timer in my mind's eye and mourning the fact that there will only be a handful of precious years left before my daughter will fly the nest.
I worry that there's not enough time, that I haven't done all the things I'd plan to do, and she's still at secondary school!
I bet Im not the only mum to feel like this, but I really have to try and stop  because it's spoiling the time we have as a family.
So, next time I begin to feel like this I have to try and think of my Christmas tree, and that I should enjoy what I have right now.
(Next year I might even hang my very favourite glass decorations that are shaped like little birds... but let's just take one step at a time!)

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy every moment, sending all my very best wishes,
Mrs B


  1. My sister and I are both meticulous planners, and we have lovely things put away “for best”, but we have adopted an excellent motto:

    Use the good china.

    Yes, it’s a bit worrying when you put your very precious baubles on the tree - but then you get to enjoy them.

    Have a lovely Christmas. Mine’s a custard cream or three, please xx

    1. Thank you Heather, I love that saying, I shall keep telling myself to 'use the good china'!
      I hope you have the most wonderful New Year xxx

  2. Oh my goodness! Those birds must definitely come out. I am clumsy and have indeed broken things i love but i dont regret using them and enjoying them. Hope you will enjoy being in the moment lots in 2019, you might enjoy some mindfulness books to help you. Happy Christmas x

    1. Thank you my friend, yes, Im going to really try and remember this throughout 2019, although I know it will be difficult for me!
      I hope you have a wonderful New Year my friend xxx

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family Mrs B xxx

    1. Thank you so much Lyn.
      And a very Merry Christmas to you my friend xxx

  4. It’s like saving your clothes for best or only bringing out the best crockery at Christmas.........
    NO !!! I scream, use it all every day. Wear your nice clobber even if you’re not going anywhere.
    Have your food on those luverrrly plates.
    Dangle them gorgeous baubles and get the full pleasure of them
    Happy Christmas lovely lady
    Lynn xxx

    1. Thank you Lynn, I really feel as though I will embrace this outlook on life
      I've always been careful, saving things for later or 'for best', well, no more!
      Happy New Year chuck x

  5. Awww - this is a truly loverly post ! And I agree with Mrs VH - Enjoy , enjoy enjoy .. ��♥️✨✨✨✨ I miss my daughter at home . But I guess we’ve given her the wings to fly and my son .. And fly they gave .. ��♥️

    1. Thank you Maria, being a Mum is a funny old job isn't it! x


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