Sunday 2 December 2018

Knitting And Stitching Show Harrogate:

We took some of the Art Foundation students to the Knitting And Stitching Show last week, and it really was truly inspiring.
(It was so good in fact that I had a headache for two days afterwards, and I'm sure it was because I was over-excited!)
There was so much it was quite overwhelming (in a good way!) but I thought I'd show you the work of some of the textile artists that I met.

Jessica Grady's work was just stunning, the embellishment and texture was just unbelievable...

look at these beautiful colours! Swoon!

I also loved the Jessie Dickinson Design display, her textile sample books were fascinating and her work was so intricate...

I spent quite a long time talking to Melanie Kay whose work is concerned with the environment and the waste that we create.
Just look at this beautiful piece of embroidered art... it used to be an old wet-wipe!

Her embroidery on discarded materials and plastic were stunning and her display really made a lasting impression on me.

I actually spotted Suzanne Redois' boots before I saw her stand, but I knew that I would love her work...
and I was right!

You can see how her love of New York and its vibrant community have influenced her art, and I also love the fusion of textile design and fashion illustration.

Oooo, and just before I go, I have to show you the beautiful hall where we could all sit and eat our pack-ups in at dinner time!
Fancy eh!


  1. Oh Mrs B - thank you for this!!! I've been stuck down a rabbit hole of work, house moves, lampshade making, more work ( day job in no way related to the lampshades!) that I completely forgot about Festival of Quilts where some of these artists were showing work too. I fell in love with Jessica Grady's work there and you have reminded me to go visit it. Such a wonderful post. I am inspired!!! Give that woman a bourbon!

    1. Im so glad you enjoyed the post chuck!
      It really was a grand day out.
      Cheers for the biccy! x

  2. Ooh thank you so much for this look around the exhibits at K&S, it’s the best part of the event for me. Big clapping of hands here as I wasn’t able to make it this year
    Lynn xx

    1. My pleasure chuck!
      So happy you enjoyed having a peek at my post xxx

  3. I went to the show at Alexandra Palace and you just took me right back there. I was particularly moved by the Dementia Darnings - they blew me away and I must admit more than a little bit emotional. I'm new to textiles a definite beginner but I am constantly amazed at the work I'm discovering!

    1. It really was a fab show wasnt it, Im so glad you enjoyed the post chuck x

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    1. Thank you so much, thats a lovely thing to say x


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