Sunday 16 December 2018

Playing Around...

Last weekend I had a brilliant arty day with my friends.
We were chatting, laughing, eating nibbles and chocolate, (lots of chocolate!) and all the while I was painting here and there.
I set up my paper, (it was a pretty big piece of wall paper lining paper,) on two ironing boards, and every now and then (in-between mouth-fulls of goodies,) I'd do a bit of painting...

No plans.
No pressure.

And by the end of the day I had painted a whopping big abstract!
I could see traces of Cornwall (especially Marazion with its lovely windswept beach. Cornwall often seems to pop up in my abstract paintings.)

These four compositions have been arranged from the large painting using my (very basic) Photoshop skills.

I'm toying with the idea of making these into prints for my online shop?

But the most important thing about this painting for me is to remember to just 'play' every now and then, and see what happens...


  1. looks like you had a fun day Mrs. B !

    1. It was the best day ever! It was such good fun xxx

  2. What a brilliant idea. I need to get back to playing - what with sales, planning a studio/house move etc. I just haven’t had the space. These are just brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much chuck, it can be so hard to fit in time to just mess about a bit can't it xxx

  3. Lovely playing. Wishing you a Happy Christmas dear Mrs B xx

    1. Thank you chuck, and a very Merry Christmas to you too x


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