Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Last Saturday we visited the Ropewalk Vintage Fair, which was organised by Miss Pigeon Vintage.
The Ropewalk is such a stunning building and location, with beautiful gallery spaces, a shop, studios, entertainment venue and cafe (phew!)
The building itself is almost a quarter of a mile long and it was the perfect place to host such a brilliant fair.
There were so many stalls and there was a real buzz about the place, loads of folks were dressed up to the nines, there was tea and cake, dancing (and just a spot of shopping!)

Here is Miss Pigeon herself!
Well done chuck for organising such a grand day out!

Here are some of the vintage  delights in Hayley's stall...

And here is Miss Alfie Robot Retro, I do love her quirky stall...

Why o why didn't I buy that Nativity scene?!?

And here is Miss Vintage Beau At Studio 4, there were some seriously stylish pieces for sale, just look at those sunglasses.
(They reminded me of the ones the shoplifter tried to pinch at the record store in 'Pretty In Pink'...is anyone else a 'PIP' geek like me!)

My lass might have made a purchase...

...and maybe another!!!!!
(Like mother like daughter eh!)

It was a ruddy lovely day out and we all toddled off with purchases in tow (yes, even the hubby!)


  1. Just popped over from Lynn’s... lovely to meet you :)
    Looks a fab day out!
    PS I love your creations in your store - esp. the hare cushion!

    1. Hello Claire, thanks so much for popping by chuck!
      That is so kind of you me dear xxx

  2. Just my sort of event and I can see you were with the best fun type people. I’d have ended up with an empty purse for sure haha xx

    1. You'd have absolutely loved it there!
      It really was a fab day out x


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