Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Hastings (Part One):

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves in the beautiful seaside town of Hastings.

We have never been there before so we arrived nice and early to have an explore...


There is so much street art, I cannot resist photographing it all, much to the annoyance of my poor family!

Look at these adorable dogs painted on the fake windows!!!!!

I am a sucker for a grubby seaside shop sign!!!

And then we turned a corner and we happened upon Made In Hastings. 

You know when you walk into a shop and it has that magical feeling inside?
I had read about this amazing shop a few years ago and it was one of the main reasons that I had wanted to visit the town.
To say that I was excited is quite the understatement!
(I can't show you what I bought I'm afraid because I did a little bit of Christmas shopping!)
Every inch was filled with delight upon delight...

I hope that you have enjoyed our little pootle around, I'll be back soon so we can look around some more!



  1. many years ago when on holiday, well before I was 'into' crafting we went into Made in Hastings and I bought a small crochet brooch of daffodils (still wear it every spring) and this one little shop started off my many hobbies! Glad it is still there to inspire and delight! xxx

    1. It really is a special shop isn't it! I could have spent all day in there (and all my money!!!) x

  2. Despite living locally I haven't ever visited Hastings, Made looks interesting so maybe time I took a look.

  3. There’s something about the magnificence of the buildings in old seaside towns that I like. I’ve got an anchoring to return to Latham St Anne’s where we had a flat some 30 years ago. There’s a shop there I’m longing to visit. You’ve set me off now. I will have to plan a trip xx

  4. ooo hope you enjoy your adventure! That sounds like a really pretty place x


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