Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Thank You September...


I took this photo on the morning that I nervously waited for my new Art & Design Foundation group to arrive at the beginning of the month.

It's the same every time, those butterflies in the stomach, even after twenty-six years!

September is a really important month for me, probably because it's a New Year in many ways for us teachers.

I feel so lucky to work part time with students who are on the cusp of their creative careers and adventures, it's such a turning-point in the lives of these future artists and designers.

This is the month that makes me reflect, as I talk to them about some of the fundamental aspects of living a creative life. I need reminding of these things too, it's so easy to forget.

The first statements that I always write on the board before the students arrive are:

1. Make misteaks.

2. We cannot give you the answers but we can give you the questions.

I must admit that sometimes I feel more like the Riddler and not the tutor, these two statements are the fundamental corner stones of being a Creative.

And even after all these years, as a tutor and a painter-textile-artist-person I still have to remember that it's okay to make it up as I go along!

So thank you September for reminding me about these important lessons, I shall miss you until next year ...



  1. The thing I remember most about my art teacher (school 45+ years ago was when preparing for my gcse art I suggested using string and he said I could use anything I wanted, art didn't have to be flat on a piece of paper - there was no stopping me after that and I passed my exam with 3d onion layers made from string that I dyed and positioned on board. I think he opened my mind to the idea that art is all around us and not just on the end of a brush!

    1. What an inspiring story! And what an inspiring teacher x

  2. and September was kind in many ways to us this year. Good luck with your new students xx

  3. Always love your creativity. I do not think that one could live in a sterile mono environment, you need the play back and forward, playing off one another, not copying but that input makes your brain spring off in another direction, like a Eureka moment, I just love that. Christine. PS Love the boots.

    1. Thanks so much Christine! Yes, bouncing ideas around is the most inspiring and creative thing to do ever! x

  4. I sometimes wish I could be your student. I guess that would be very interesting.
    Living in the Netherlands will make that impossible but one can dream.....:-)

    1. Awwww thank you, thats a lovely thing to say chuck x


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