Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Fresh Starts And New Beginnings...

 Maybe it's because the sun is shining (which highlights the dust beautifully!!!!!!) but I have been Spring-cleaning and de-cluttering like a good'un this weekend.

I've also varnished and painted the edges of the paintings I've made over the past few months, and finished off lots of little studio jobs that have been hanging around for quite a while.

My tiny studio has also been tidied up (even the scary untouched corners where I feared the spiders might live....fortunately they didn't take up residence!)

I'm also very excited because soon I'll be ordering some storage cupboards and a tiny desk to work on (my back's been playing up because I have to sit at my plan chest to draw and there's no room for my knees).

It feels like a fresh start, and I have lots of ideas floating around my head for new paintings and stories - I've been scribbling fragments of words and images on post-its for ages now.

I hope that you have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend too chucks.

All the best X


  1. sitting comfortably is so important :) glad you have treated yourself to better working conditions - I like your bear, she looks Russian.

    1. Thanks Betty, I thought that she was Russian too! x

  2. Great idea to clear up & soon you can fill your new cupboards. Have a good time!

    1. Thanks chuck! It made me feel much better! x

  3. Love the bear, she looks friendly! I desperately need to clean and de-clutter my workroom...so well done to you for getting on with it so you have a nice new clean place to get creative xxx

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