Friday, 16 August 2013

Thank You So Much!

When I arrived home in the early hours, from one of possibly the best holidays I had ever had, it was pretty grim.
But a little surprise was-a-waiting for me that brightened my darkest hour.
You see, a couple of weeks ago I was the very fortunate recipient of The Faerie Factory's fabulous give away!

Not only was there one of Sarah's beautiful hand made fairies waiting for me, (I did feel sorry for her as her wings needed a good stretch after all that waiting around).
But there were so many other lovely treasures I didn't know which to look at first!

Thank you so much Sarah.
X thefaeriefactory thefaeriefactory


  1. You are more than welcome Mrs B... she looks so at home and I love her name. I often get askes why I don't name my faeries, tis because they need their new humans to name them, and what wonderful names they are given ~ Sarah x

  2. She is right at home Sarah and has found her own spot on the settee!

  3. lucky old you....hope you are cheery today too!
    Daisy xx

  4. Cheers Miss Jones, I am still very cheery indeed, especially when I see my faery!
    Hope you are having a cheery day too!

  5. Mrs B, having met Sarah's faeries in real life - you really are a lucky gal!

  6. I am indeed!
    Thanks for popping by chuck x


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