Monday 12 August 2013

Piskie Ponderings:

We've had the most glorious month in our beloved Cornwall.
One evening, just as it turned dusk we headed out to Prussia and Piskie Cove.
I only ever go there in the evening, it's just that kind of place (plus piskie spotting opportunities are much more likely at that time of day).
And then it struck me, as I first warned my little lass not to jump in the cold water, and then laughed at her when she did...
that this is what my mother would have been saying to her daughter all those years ago.
So in a way the perfect summer makes time stand still.

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  1. Lovely pics. Lovely county. Sat in a tent in Cornwall at the moment, pondering lunch and then beach and sea time a bit later.

  2. Oooo Hope you have a lovely time!
    It certainly is a magical, beautiful place.
    Sigh x


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