Wednesday 21 August 2013

St.Ives Dreamings....

My holiday seems so long ago and it's back to work tomorrow, so I thought I'd have a little trip down memory lane.
Taking the train from St.Erth to St.Ives is one of my favourite train journeys ever...
Oooo cup of tea anyone?
You'd only get this graffiti in Cornwall!

Beatengreen is a brilliant vintage shop and I love the furniture in there so much. Lord knows what I'd bring home if if it would all fit in the van!
Okay, okay folks, I'll hurry up!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the little shopping trip!
St. Ives
01736 796799


  1. Oh I spy pretty spotty frocks but they won't fit with all the bourbons I keep consuming! X

  2. Just one more won't do any harm....go on, help yourself me dear!


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