Saturday 14 September 2013

Autumn Stitchings.

I've been feeling very Autumnal of late.
This fox keep- sake-keep-safe- keeper has taken me days to make (I think it's because I enjoyed making him and kept adding more and more hand stitching methinks!)
There's a little linen pocket inside for all your treasured letters and photographs.

The thing is, does seeing all the workings on the back annoy you?
I love seeing all the stitchings on the back, it's like the history of the piece, its finger print.
I don't want to put in a lining, I love the feel of the old linen anti- Macassar.
Do you like the back of embroidery?


  1. Remember what your Grandmother used to say ...the back should look just as good as the front!!!!! about creatively different...artistically inspired...quirkly viewed? hey ho beauty can be found and made in many ways!!!

    1. That's very true indeed.
      Must be the fine artist part of me!

  2. yes yes yes i adore it all! we have the same soul you and I...i can feel it when i look at your work xxxxx

    1. Thankyou so much Jane.
      That is the best compliment I could ever have x


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