Friday 20 September 2013

Moomins & Stitchin's!

I'm not sure where this frippery is heading.
I think it might just grow and meander in its own patchworky way.

I'm quite enjoying not knowing where this piece will lead and it reminds me of the book I've just finished, ' Comet In Moomin Land' by Tove Jansson.

'It was a funny little path, winding here and there, dashing off in different directions, and sometimes even tying a knot in itself from sheer joy.(You don't get tired of a path like that, and I'm not sure that it doesn't get you home quicker in the end.)'

Those moomins, so wise you know!


  1. i love this, the stitching and words and yes those type of paths are ones i love!! Race you home!! x

  2. Thanks so much Jane!
    Have a fab weekend chuck x

  3. This really reminds me of my Aunt's dog from when we were little.

  4. Am reading Finn Family Moomintroll to my girlies at the moment x


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