Friday 13 September 2013

Charity Ch-reasure Of The Month!

Just look at this beauty!
Yet finding such a ch-reasure can come at a cost.
Not as in money, mind, (£1.99 oh yes,) but as in a guilty conscience ...
You see, I think I've broken my own rules.
A little while ago I drew up the 'Charity Shopping Charter', if you remember. (And many thanks for all your additions to this very important piece of litigation by the way!)
Well, I was completely innocently perusing the table cloths, which happened, perchance, to be next to the 'door of the inner sanctum'.
The door was slightly ajar.
I didn't mean to look in, but that psychedelic fabric was calling me...
Does it count that I saw it and then asked if I could buy?
I didn't actually ask the keeper of the treasures if there was anything of vintage loveliness in the 'inner sanctum'.
A I forgiven?
Could you resist?
Please be kind.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO irresistible..and very mellow yellow a big fave in our neck of the woods...
    bestest Daisy x

  2. Nah - you is bad through and through.
    Go on then you're forgiven as it's a dog eat dog game this charity lark.

    I really appreciated your comments on my posts you know. Thanks a lot. Red sandals now hung up sadly and I'm waiting patiently until payday for some sweet red shoes I've seen, bet my feet will be too big for them.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lisa X

    1. Aww thanks Lisa, I love your blog AND your shoes!
      Thank you for your forgiveness!

  3. Rules are there to be broken......what a lovely sewing box to break them!!!

    1. Hey, you've got along there!
      What guilt!

    2. What is it with this iPad?
      I meant 'you've got a point!

  4. I truly believe it is how one asks about the inner sanctum! I'm sure you were more than polite! What a lovely basket!

  5. Dear Patty,
    You are most kind indeed!

  6. Dear Patty, you are a most kind soul indeed!

  7. You totally broke your own rules. No two ways about it... I love that!

  8. It spoke to you from the inner sanctum, that's not the same as asking to look in the inner sanctum. I mean to say it was practically on display in the shop!


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