Sunday 1 September 2013

Penzance Pootlings!

Am in complete denial about the end off the summer hols looming, so let's have a gad about two of my fave shops in glorious Penzance.
First port of call, Steckfensters...

Me dad having a trip down memory lane!

Look at that for CCTV!

This shop is amazing, full of humour and curiousities.
In fact, it's not a shop, it's an experience!

Then I perchanced a new shop, at first I stood outside with a heavy heart as Kitts Couture had closed down, but it has been replaced with a gem of a vintage shop called Daisy Laing:

Many, many things made my heart go pitter patter in this shop of delights.
Lord knows how I would have resisted some serious furniture investing if I lived here!
Each piece in here has been lovingly selected and beautifully presented.

Just before we have to run down the hill because my parking ticket is about to run out, just have a look at the statue in Penzance High Street.
I kid you not, every time I see it, it has a seagull on its head!

10 Chapel Street

Daisy Laing
Kitts Corner
Chapel Street


  1. love the pipe and wig!!!
    the first shop looks amazing, made me hoot :)
    t x

  2. Fantastic...I'd be wary of that Action man though...he looks abit dodgy to me ...gets about a bit!!!...Great to see a Gonk again though...a right blast from the past....ohhh I wonder where my Tartan Gonk is now?ahhhhh I could shed a tear or too just remembering the teaparties in his honour....he so loved his bourbons!!!!

  3. Ha! I think you've got a point about that a Fiona man!
    Good to know that your gonk had good taste!


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