Sunday 22 December 2013

Festive Treasures!

This year I've had to have a sort out and an organise of my vintage bauble!

Middie helped...aaaargh!
One of the best finds this year was when me and me mate Sam went-a-charity shopping.
I spied Sam doing the happy dance as she held aloft a bag of pine cone pixies!
I couldn't believe it when she said:
'Share the love!'
she gave me two and kept two for herself.
The photo above is of my two, (needless to day, they aren't only on show for Christmas!)
And here's Sam's:
Now I always had the sneaking suspicion that Sam's pair were a tad mischievous, but I couldn't believe it when she sent me these photos.
You see Sam had just bought a lovely Christmas spinny thing that goes around when you put in a little candle:

And when she turned around they had blown it out!
Hmmmmm...I think I was lucky with my little pair of pixies as there's no shinanigans to report of...yet!

My Mum, Sam and myself have been on the bauble prowl and have had quite a lot of success...thanks for sharing you two!
Here's my Mum's best find:
A toxic angel that glows in the dark!
My Nanna remembers having some on her tree and it really does glow a nuclear green in the dark!
Love it!
Hope you all had fun hunting for Christmas treasures too!


  1. Omg glow in the dark angels! Whatever next?! X

  2. My pair are very naughty Tish. I had to separate them this morning. They kept knocking my lovely vintage card of the mantel! (It's from a lovely old lady called Audrey!!) as for sharing the've been very generous with your vintage bauble find too, so, thank you!....xx

    1. I am actually getting a bit spooked now, of they are together again in the morning then you need to seriously think about what to do next!
      Is there a pixie correctional unit in Iceland?
      Thanks for sharing, it's been Christmas-tastic fun hunting for those treasures!

  3. What a lovely collection, I just a tad partial to them myself....never seen pine cone pixies though! :) x

  4. Thank you me dear.
    Ive never come across these little folk before either! Merry Christmas x


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