Tuesday, 31 December 2013

That Was The Year That Was...

2013...hmmm...an interesting one.
I must admit that no tears will be shed when Big Ben bongs his final bong of the year, but I have learnt many things about myself and for that I will be grateful.

Any how, in true cheesy style I thought I'd have a recap of all the highlights.
So, 2013, before you're evicted from the Big Brother House, here are your best bits...

'The Only Constant' exhibition. Gate Gallery.
Really hard work, heavy snow on the private view, loved every minute.

Loved teaching some workshops at The Steel Rooms.
Looking forward to next year's!

Watching Middie's shinanigans...her she is hiding in Lottie's onesie!

And who's that pretending not to be where she's not allowed to be!

Enjoying a fabulous Easter break at Whitby.

The summer...what a summer it was!

Having the best time in Cornwall!
Is that a seagull on my awning?
(That is my fave photo of the year!)

Meeting the wonderful Viv from Hen's Teeth, Julie Arkell (I am not worthy!) and Jessie Chorley (wowee!) at my spiritual home, Hope and Elvis.

Watching my beautiful, creative and inspiring daughter grow up and become more and more of an individual in her own right...

Well, that's my whistle stop tour of 2013, hope I haven't bored you to death!

Wishing you all a very Happy, Peaceful New Year, full of joy and good things!



  1. Mrs B I loved that seagull pic too!
    wishing you and yours one of the best years ever in 2014
    bestest daisy j
    Ps looking forward to April too...xxxx

  2. Happy new year, no bored yawns here honest injuns x

  3. Thank you both and a very Happy New Year to both you lovely ladies too!

  4. Again, and to you Chuck! Here's to April x

    1. Thanks Ginny.
      Hope and Elvis will certainly be the highlight of 2014 for me!

  5. The seagulls pic was the one for me too, should have a room all to itself :) happy New year lovely you and to yours and thank you xxx love Sophie xx

  6. Happy New Year Mrs B!! That seagull pic was one of the first things I saw on your blog - very cheery and welcoming.

    2014 is going to be fab! xx

  7. Not a bad year by the look of it but wishing you a very Happy New Year. x

  8. Thank you Mrs Bertimus for your help, I am now able to reply to my blog posts. Happy new year and your daughter seems to be very talented, just like her mum. xx

    1. Do you mean Iw as actually of help...with a techy problem!? No way!
      Please don't tell me if it wasn't because of my suggestion because I can feel clever all day now! Ha!

  9. Thank you all for your kindly wishes!
    So pleased we've all made acquaintance , that's the very best thing from 2013 x

  10. I am so excited that you will be part of the Hope and Elvis gang in 2014 and I can't wait to see all your fab work, proper like!

  11. Cheers chuck!
    You have no idea how excited I am, already putting. It's and bobs in my Hope and Elvis suitcase and planning special surprises with my mum!
    Have been a stitching and a planning like a good'un! X
    Happy New Year, I know this is going to be a fantastic year!

  12. That was a lovely retrospective! I am happy to say that I remember most of those posts! Happy 2014 Mrs.B!

  13. Oooh I did enjoy your review of 2013.
    It was indeed a highlight of my year to be at Hope & Elvis, made all the more special by being able to meet you.
    So very talented, beautiful and very lovely, that's what you are xxx

    1. Viv! I have a little tear in my eye!
      Thank you, it was a real pleasure to meet you and spend that fabulous day with you all at Hope and Elvis x


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