Friday 20 December 2013

Shhhhh! Secret Santa Time!

Last day of term today, two Secret Santas to go to and Christmas dinner to boot!
Woo! Hoo!
Look at the beautiful cardboard tree made by the Foundation art students!
Micheal and Naif become Santa's little helpers...
Nice specs Hannah!
Ooooo What is it Debs?
A hand made poodle of course!
A Christmas pixie, looking all excited...
Oh! No! You can't buy pixies rudey pressies!
(Hope Santa's not watching!)

A Christmas- related accident no less!
(Health (or should I say 'elf') and safety note to self: do not chase Santa's sleigh down the street and then trip over the dog!)
Poor Martin!
Pressies galore!
And just look what I got :

A hand made piglet called Twiglet by my very talented friend Ginny!
Thank you Ginny!
And then it was time for the Art Department staff's Secret Santa...
Did I get a rather lovely vintage tin?
Oh no, something even better than that...
A beautiful textile picture in a tin!
It is even more special because it was made with scraps of faded quilt from the Hen's Teeth workshop we went to at the wonderous Hope and Elvis.
Thank you so much Sam for this beautiful gift and for the Cath Kidston fripperies too!
And do you know what?
Even the sprouts were done to perfection!
Merry Christmas everybody!

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